Xconfessions By Erika Lust, All Eyez On Me

Director Julia Schönstädt

Performers Caroline Flores, Adreena Angela

A non-narrative, dreamlike fantasy for women who love women

I feel the beat before I hear it. The pulsing throb – hypnotic, calls me to it. Fire fills my lungs: her essence. Our eyes lock, and then, only silence and the sound of blood rushing to my cunt. The rhythm returns and I am consumed. She is all women. Cruel and tender. Powerless, I surrender. Soft hands and hard kisses on me, in me. Harder and harder till all senses collide and I am everything and nothing, except hers. Forever in this moment, hers.
— By Johanna
Erika’s comment: “An incredibly well shot XConfessions short by Julia Schönstädt. In my opinion, lesbian adult movies are in desperate need of a revolution. Often mainly produced to please heterosexual men, instead of showing actual female, same-sex pleasure, lesbian love has been poorly represented in adult cinema for too long. Thank you Julia, for tackling this issue instead of accepting the status quo!

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