Amelia In Midnight Game Playboy Plus (8)

Get in the game with newcomer Amelia in this fun debut from the photography team, Point of Vue. On location of a court in New York City, Amelia takes shots as the camera captures her. “My experience has been incredible,” she reflects of her time on set. “Shooting felt more like hanging out wit h friends than it did work. I loved Point of Vue’s vision and artistic style. I think they were spot on in how they captured the Brooklyn aesthetic and vibe.” Totally in her element, Amelia tells us that it’s times like these where she truly feels in tune with herself. “When do I feel sexiest? At work when I’m in charge of myself and my body,” she says. “Posing nude [allows me] to connect with the sensual, erotic side of myself in a sort of sacred, self-love way.” For her, it’s also a means of empowerment. “Playboy has taken the societal taboo of nudity and turned it into art,” begins Amelia, “being part of this allowed me to, on a small scale, take power back — at least in regards to my own body and being. It allowed me to embrace my sexuality instead of being ashamed by it.” Stay tuned for more from Amelia right here on Playboy Plus.

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