Amouranth Nude Shower Video Leaked
12 thoughts on “Amouranth Nude Shower Video Leaked”
  1. Love your site but something happened lately, constantly redirected to turboadblocker making the site almost unusable. Were you hacked?

    1. No didn’t hacked, it was from the fucking advertisement popup company, but i remove it!
      Is it ok now? Can you access the site normally?
      Thanks for the information my friend and if you se such of redirections again, inform me.

      1. I’m glad you didn’t get hacked! But, still having the same problem. When I access any page on the site I get redirected to This isn’t the same as other popups that open in a new window or tab. Those are ok, I appreciate all your hard work and understand ads to pay the bills. I also understand that this turboadblocker problem is not your fault. But now the only way to see a page is to very quickly press Escape, every time, otherwise the page gets replaced with turboadblocker.

        I hope you are able to remove this, thank you very much for your efforts! I will keep visiting your site hoping the ad company will stop giving you problems!

        1. Since when you facing this problem?
          I have try to open the site with Adblock Plus enabled with desktop and mobile browser, but i am not facing this problem.

          1. Since about 7-10 days ago. On every page I have to be fast to press Escape otherwise the page is replaced with the ad.

    1. I have removed all the fucking annoying ads! I am sure that this is fake alarm!
      Does anyone that reading these comments having the same problem?

  2. I am not trying to cause any problems for you my friend, sorry for the trouble! This is a good question, I would also like to know if anyone else is having this problem. Thank you for your efforts!

    P.S. I am using this address: is it correct?

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