California Dreaming

Directed by: Inka Winter
Cast: Maya Woulfe , Jane Rogers , Oliver Davis

California Dreaming is a Lust Cinema Original feature film directed by Inka Winter. Blending romance and fantasy, this movie opens in the modern day as Elijah (Oliver Davis) drives through California and reminisces on his relationship with Jane (Jane Rogers) that has recently ended. Through a series of flash backs he watches as two young lovers fall out of love but as he continues driving, his car overheats and he is jolted out of his memories. Looking for help he discovers an old deserted western town and finds himself transported back to the Wild Wild West in the 17th Century. Will he be able to decipher what is real and what is fantasy?

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6 thoughts on “California Dreaming – LustCinema”
  1. Fantastic job, thank you! The movie was up almost immediately after I asked about it.

    It reminds me of Westworld from HBO, can’t wait to see it.

    Just two question though, is it the original HD quality file or a re-encode? 1.8 GB seems a little bit too small. Also, does it contain subtitles too? They usually embedded subtitles, but the previous upload of “A road to conquer” didn’t have those.

    1. 1h 26min
      Bitrate 2954 kb/s
      Framerate 24 fps
      Audio 128 kb/s
      No subs
      2 long sex scenes and several smaller softcore scenes.
      I don’t know if it’s recoded, but the image quality is good.

      1. Thanks for the info, I already downloaded the file.

        What I wanted to ask is if this is the original file. 1.86 GB is kinda small. I had a premium subscription to them and files were much larger, which is why I think this is a recorded/re-encoded version and not the original file, because there seem to be some loss in quality. I mean, it still looks good, it’s 1080p, but there is quality loss.

        I was wondering if we could get the original files. I have FIleFactory premium, so size is not an issue.

        1. This is the original file downloaded from the site and the have changed the way that you downloading the video file.
          You have to requested for downloading and they sending you an email with the download link.

          1. I see, thank you for the answer! Maybe they’re using new compression or something.

            That’s a very strange way of downloading the video, never seen something like that on another site.

            But why are there no subtitles though? They used to have them embedded into the downloaded file, 4 languages. Are they only available on streaming now?

          2. My friend, i do not know.
            I just requesting the downloading link and that’s it.

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