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Cooking and baking are Ulula’s favorite leisure activities she says. We see Ulula brings absolutely everything (if you know what we mean) to boiling point. As a model and former professional dancer she has the skills for whatever you need…

Beautiful Ulula from the Netherlands has many admirers here at Ersties, she’s just so beautiful with her piercings and tattoos. We are all the more happy that the 22 year old has decided to delight us with another hot shoot. She just moved in with her boyfriend near Amsterdam, where the two of them have built a cozy home for themselves. Like a lot of us at the moment, Ulula spends a lot of time at her place, which she uses to discover new hobbies and breathe life back into old ones. These include gaming on the PC or PS4 and watching movies, preferably from Tarantino. In addition, Ulula loves to get creative with brushes and colours, giving her artsy side free rein. She doesn’t claim to be very good at it, but that doesn’t matter! In this Intimate Moments shoot Ulula reveals what else she loves to spend her time doing. We are curious!

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