Loosing Control With Maya & Uri

Maya (27) and Uri have been together for a year now – and already he is starting to joke that their love story could end soon. That’s because his previous relationships never lasted longer than a year and a half… But when you see the two of them together, you’ll soon notice that there’s somethingmore between them. And they are actually planning to move to Austria or New York soon, to enjoy life and work there. “Sometimes it’s also good to make silly decisions, because they are opportunities to learn from”, Uri says.

The two of them might have had a turbulent start to their relationship, but when it comes to sex, they are both on the same page. Sex is incredibly important to the both of them. Simply because sex just makes everything better. As long as he stays in control – at least, when it’s up to Maya. What they mean with that exactly, they’re about to show us in front of the rolling camera on their comfortable love playground at their apartment.

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