Facial Abuse With For The Record In For The Record E818

We have a winner folks. This chick is the new champ of Facial Abuse! 8 times. She has a great “chin” to do this 8 times. No joke, you know she love us long time. We wrapped her plastic until she was all confucius, I mean confusions. We put chop sticks on her nipples for some extra authentic asian noises. I love them noises fyi. With every slap her bashful eyes would get sopping wet, and she looked like a wounded puppy with sad music playing while being narrated by some leftist beta. We didn’t get to fuck her ass, but we swabbed it for covid for posterity. She drank massive amounts of yellow discipline and even drank her own. Her face was all sad when 3 loads were splashed on it. She ate like she was at a wet market. She apologized to her daddy like John Cena did. It was sad to see.

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