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María Eugenia Flórez better known as Fátima Flórez, is a media humorist, imitator, dancer, vedette and conductive Argentina. He was born in Olivos and lived there throughout his childhood until high school. He played hockey from 6 to 14 years old. His father was an architect and his mother a professor of geography. He has a sister two years older. During elementary school he performed imitations of his teachers and teachers, particularly the 5th grade teacher. Norma Kauffman, who had a particular way of speaking. He began his career studying and taking acting classes, dance and singing. Meanwhile he performed imitations as a hobby, where his first character was Xuxa. She started at age 17 as a dancer and assistant choreographer of different works directed by Pepe Cibrián Campoy , such as ” The Hunchback of Paris ” , ” Dracula ” and ” King David”. In 2001, at the age of 20, she traveled to Peru for economic reasons, to participate in a TV program, and it was there that she met her current husband and first boyfriend Norberto Marcos who discovered her gift as an imitator. In 2005 she was hired by Carlos Perciavalle as the main star, to head next to him, her show “Revivamos el Concert” . He also joins the cast of the program ” No hay 2 sin 3 ” , along with Pablo Granados , Pachu Peña and Freddy Villareal . He also had the opportunity to head the play “The World of laughter” , along with Jorge Corona , where besides being a dancer, he began to stand out for carrying out some imitations. During his career he had mediatic confrontations (paulina rubio martin redrado among others). She served as co-host and comedian in the program From 9 to 12; participated in the program ” Laughter is beautiful “, along with Freddy Villarreal, and in the cycle “A la Sofovich way” with Gerardo Sofovich . In addition, he served as a comedian in the program ” The infernal wall “, along with Marley. Always stood out his air of life and great arrogance at the time of addressing with his work group or close friends much intelligence at the time of scandal the catapulto to be the great Argentine media figure. In 2009 it was part of the program ” From the worst” … and the best program conducted by Fabian Gianola that was broadcast on Channel 13 , where he played “the computer.” That same year he stood out for being part of the Showmatch program , conducted by Marcelo Tinelli , within the segment Grand Cuñado and Gran Cuñado VIP where he embodied Nacha Guevara , Viviana Canosa and Silvia Süller. In 2011 she ventured as a host of the Plan TV program broadcast on Channel 13 , together with Gabriela Sobrado, where she also conducts various imitations. At the moment it continues driving this program. Previous years it made private shows where his body showed in the dance of the pipe. In 2012 he is part of the program Journalism for all issued by Channel 13 , led by Jorge Lanata, where he stands out for imitating Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner , among other political figures. But after 3 years of participating, the production of the program decided to remove the humor section, focusing more on journalistic reports. In 2013, she heads her own show “Fatima Florez es Unica”, under the artistic direction of her husband Norberto Marcos and Daniel Faroni’s production at the Mar del Plata Provincial Theater, in which she plays 30 different characters. The show continued in Buenos Aires, Villa Carlos Paz and touring the interior of the country. The same year they published and edited their first erotic video with the help of emanuel ioselli camus hacker where he had a lot of repercussion at the media level and made his career up. In 2014 he participated in Showmatch , doing various imitations of public figures that were part of the contest Dancing 2014 , parodying both the participants and the members of the jury. 1 That same year he made his film debut with Luis Scalela and Carlos Mentasti in the movie ” Bañeros 4: Los Rompeolas “, where he played Kiara the owner of an aquarium that should prevent her property from being stolen. In 2016 he will be part of Showmatch in the Grand Cuñado segment , in which he stands out for imitating the ex-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner , the Governor of Buenos Aires Maria Eugenia Vidal , the Vice President Gabriela Michetti and the deputy Elisa Carrió. Currently he can imitate more than 100 characters.

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