Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

I chuckled as I listened to the commotion in the loo. It had been so unlike me to bring a plaything back for the night, let alone awaken to find he, my toyboy was still around. But he was very good looking and quite the flirt so with the few drinks we shared, my attraction and courage grew. Before I knew it, we were romping in the sheets for the better part of the evening.

I felt the bed jostle as my lover stepped upon the mattress and stood next to me. I sensed his eyes peering down on me, but chose to ignore him. We had our fun last night and, at this moment, I desired nothing more than a peaceful morning. I rattled the paper, adjusted my reading glasses on the bridge of my nose, and hoped he would take the hint, but he didn’t. Instead, my frisky young man lay down beside me and tugged annoyingly at the cord of my bathrobe, morning sex apparently on his agenda. Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

I continued to read and show no sign of interest until; finally he became weary of seeking my attention and rolled to his stomach with a disheartened sigh.

I glanced over at his lovely bottom and instantly it triggered images of last night’s pleasures of the flesh. My blood pumped a little faster as I realized I was not quite finished with him after all. Now distracted from the morning’s headlines, I set the paper aside.

Crawling over to him, I straddled his muscular thighs. I pressed my quickly moistening mound against the firm curve of his butt cheeks while he lay perfectly still, as if he were now going to deny me. I grinned at the thought of him believing he could possibly have the strength to ignore my advances. Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

I slipped my robe from my shoulders, letting it fall to the mattress. There was now nothing but my panties and his pajama pants between me and his sweet ass.

With him pinned beneath me, I inhaled his masculine scent and pressed my breasts to his back. I nibbled at the tender flesh of his neck and kissed his earlobe as I thoroughly enjoyed my position of power over his fit young body.

Determined to keep my hot blooded lover in my control, I reached to the side and gathered the cord of my robe. My tummy fluttered with excitement as I brazenly placed his hands behind his back and securely tied them. Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

Moving off him, I tugged at the elastic waist of his pajama pants, eager to see the sexy bottom I knew was hidden by flannel material.

Two perfect cheeks now revealed, I caressed his naked buttocks, admiring the curve of his firm, toned rump. My head swimming with desire, I pulled the pants somewhat clumsily down his legs and over his feet. Instead of tossing them aside, I wrapped them around his ankles, using the pants to tie his legs together.

Amused by my resourcefulness, I rolled my handsome toy over and gazed at his magnificent prick. Engorged and jutting from his body, it was more than evident he was just as aroused as I. Savoring the feel of the soft taut skin of his erection, I teased the length of his glorious member with the tip of my finger before I leisurely followed the crease that connected the shaft to the crown of his cock.

I flirtatiously climbed back on top of him and lifting his shirt, I kissed his chest. He shuddered as my lips grazed his nipple. Delighted to have such a favorable response to my touch, I brushed my bottom lip over his stiffened nub. I continued to tease him before taking it between my teeth and sharply, but playfully, biting him.

As I kissed a path down his chest, I maintained eye contact, noting his smirk as my lips reached the tip of his cock. Turning my focus to his dick, I licked the salty precum from his head, savoring the taste on the tip of my tongue.

Lowering my breast to his shaft, I stimulated my nipple by drawing it across his rigid cock. He inhaled sharply as I continued moving my nipple up to the tip of his prick and teased his mushroom shaped head with my hardened point. He clearly enjoyed it, but I was not in it for his pleasure. I was in it for mine.

I stood over him, and could tell he was trying to anticipate my next move. With his eyes fixated on my body, I knelt over him, shamelessly slid the crotch of my panties aside, and lowered my aching pussy to his face. Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

I trembled as his tongue contacted my smooth labia and made its way across my moist slit. Straddling his face, I remained in control, allowed my plaything to lap at my pussy, adjusting my hips so his tongue stimulated my pulsing clit. Keeping just enough distance between us, I took pleasure in making him reach with his tongue in order to please me.

Crouching lower, I positioned my pussy so he could easily have access to my crevice and folds. I gripped the headboard tighter as he probed further with a stiffened tongue. But as exquisite as it felt, I craved even more. Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

Steadying myself with the headboard, I stood over my restrained lover, making sure he could plainly see my heart-shaped bottom. I confidently slid my panties over my hips and wriggled out of them. Naked, I straddled his head once more and I looked upon his fabulous cock while lowering myself.

Knowing his only view was of my puffy, shaved, wet cunny moving closer to his face, made my clit throb.

I placed my mound to his mouth and let him kiss my pussy. I pressed myself to his lips sending waves of pleasure through me, his tongue passing over my clit causing me to shudder.

Hungry for his cock, I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his knob. Steadily sucking him deeper in my mouth, I cupped the underside with my tongue.

The scent of him driving me wild, I relaxed my jaw I took as much of his rod as I could, delighting at the feel of his manhood rubbing against my velvety tongue. Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

Suckling his cock as he skillfully ran his tongue over my labia, we made a perfect sixty-nine, but once again, it wasn’t enough. I now required his hardness deep inside me in order to fulfill my lustful desires.

Positioning myself over his stiff penis, I teased my clitoris with the head of his cock, using him to massage my pussy while spreading my juices over the tip. I placed his hot member to my opening and slid him inside of me.

His girth parted my walls as they fluttered around his shaft. I pressed him deeper inside me, tilting my hips up and down, rocking over his manhood, controlling the pace and depth as I fucked myself with his cock

Wanting to see my lover’s expressions, I slipped off him. Now facing each other, chest heaving, I slipped him back inside me, gliding effortlessly down his length until his cock filled me. Slowly I began grinding my hips in small intimate circles, pressing my clit against his pelvic bone, stoking the carnal flames that burned inside of me.

I stared in his eyes maintaining complete control of our coupling as I enthusiastically rode him.

His eyes lit up as he watched me dancing on his cock, selfishly moving around at a rhythm that suited my needs while he remained helpless to so much as lay a finger upon my dewy flesh. Plaything Morning Sex With Her Young Toyboy From The Night Before

Writhing on his rod, I leaned forward, kissing his lips, parting them with my tongue as the familiar wave of orgasm rose between my legs. The hot tingle of ecstasy, started in my clit, and quickly spread through my quivering walls as my muscles tensed and the sweet release flooded through every inch of my body.

With my tongue darting in and out of his mouth, I kissed him deeply while my pussy contracted on his cock. Holding still, I savored the warm afterglow of my climax, keeping him inside me as I regained my composure.

With my needs more than met, I slipped off my lover.

I knew he was watching me as I got comfortable against the headboard and that it would not be long before he realized I was finished, and leaving him not only tied up, but yearning for more.

Just as he was about to complain, I picked up my panties, rolled them into a ball and cheekily placed them in his mouth.

Sweeping my hair from my face, I put on my glasses and returned to reading my newspaper, hopefully with no distractions this time.


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