Heidi Romanova In Great Form Playboy Plus (28)

It’s a beautiful day with the stunning and sexy, Heidi Romanova. Dressed in a tank, shorts, and sunglasses, the lovely Heidi is ready to hit a few on the golf course with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. All by herself in the open field, Hedi looks absolutely sexy and sporty as she begins to undress. “What do I feel sexy in? Each outfit I wear! Sexy isn’t [about] clothes, it’s [what’s] inside,” she says thoughtfully. An experienced model, Heidi has been posing nude for nearly five years and absolutely loves her line of work — it makes her feel liberated and sexy, all while working for a brand she loves. “I’ve worked with Playboy twice already and I like it a lot,” she gushes. “I’m never shy to be nude in front of the camera. I feel comfortable because I love myself and I love my body!” When it comes to men, Hedi tends to look for someone smart and witty, who can make her laugh. “What I find sexiest in a man is his brain and sense of humor,” she shares. In her free time, you can usually find the gorgeous Heidi shopping, hanging out with friends or hiking. Working on her form, Heidi makes staying active look so good, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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