Joanna Angel In Glowing Energy Playboy Plus (33)

Adult celebrity Joanna Angel returns to Playboy Plus in this glowing pictorial from the photographer, Maddie Córdoba. Joanna is dressed in colorful neon lingerie on set in Los Angeles under black lights. “I feel like I’ve achieved the highest status you could achieve with your clothes off,” s miles Joanna of her career, “And that’s a hell of a lot cooler than achieving anything at all with your clothes on.” For Joanna, every part of this work makes it special. “I love all the hilarious and fascinating memories and stories this job has granted me with. I love all the people I’ve met, the places I’ve traveled to, and the opportunities I’ve had to create,” she shares thoughtfully. “Of course, I also love all the amazing sex I’ve had.” Posing nude allows Joanna to be playful and creative. “I love being able to style myself with intricate makeup, wardrobe, and set design,” she says. “It’s like celebrating our bare essentials in the most decadent way possible.” Check out Joanna’s first pictorial, too, right here on Playboy Plus!

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