Kashai Grey In Feeling Connected Playboy Plus (5)

Canadian model and dancer, Kashai returns to Playboy Plus in this second gallery and video shot by Cassandra Keyes. Dressed in white lingerie, we get to know Kashai better. “What makes me, me? My nonchalant attitude” shares Kashai. “I think it’s important to not let everything in life phase you.” For her, not sweating the small stuff allows Kashai to be present. “You don’t really have time to enjoy anything when you’re doing all the bickering,” she says. “I know how to make anything into a joke!” Her special talent? Being creative and resourceful. “I think we’re all better at [this] than we think,” she says. “I’m most proud of the person I’ve made myself into. I feel like [my dreams] are actually coming true!” Feeling empowered plays a vital role for Kashai in reaching her goals. “Female empowerment is when a person is able to live their life freely without restrictions,” she shares thoughtfully. “It should include all humans. I feel empowered by doing the opposite of what others do.” See more of Kashai Grey right here on Playboy Plus.

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