Maitland Ward In Intimate Melody Playboy Plus (28)

Please welcome October 2021 Celebrity All Star Maitland Ward in this striking debut from Jacky St. James and Mad Creative. Under a red spotlight, Maitland sits at a beautiful piano as we get to know her more intimately. “My passion is always performing, whether it be acting, sexual performance, or even in my writing,” she says of herself. “I love to create characters and scenarios that make you think and feel things in a way that’s unexpected. That element of surprise stays with you and makes it memorable.” Doing just that for our cameras, we’re delighted to collaborate with Maitland this month. “Playboy is such a female-empowering, sex, and body-positive environment,” she says. “To be a part of it is such a special thing for me. I just loved working with all the kick-ass women I’ve gotten to know with the brand.” When it comes to posing nude, this adult star finds it thrilling and liberating. “When I was younger, I would be nervous [about being] seen in a bathing suit,” she begins. “I wish I could tell that girl back then that she was beautiful. Now, I am so much happier and freer when I am nude. I feel sexy and liberated, and it makes me so proud that I’ve gotten to this place.” Stick around for so much more from Maitland Ward as our October 2021 All Star, right here on Playboy Plus.

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