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Welcome to Naked News everyone, It’s safe to say a lot has changed in the world since the coronavirus pandemic began, but one thing has remained very much the same: big businesses still have their eyes on the bottom line. Eila’s in the newsroom with a few stories about money that have raised some eyebrows.

Supposed good guys Harvard and Disney are on my list today Laura but I’m starting out with the institutions that are ALWAYS suspect. The banks! Welcome to the Naked Newsroom. No one likes banking fees… but the whole banking system is under fire after it was revealed that banks took over TEN BILLION dollars from the government’s emergency small business loan program! The banks were charging between one and five percent in fees, despite the fact the Paycheck Protection Program loans have virtually no risk for them, and these institutions were essentially acting as middlemen. There have also been allegations that banks prioritized bigger clients, because larger loans earned higher fees. I don’t say this often, but “For shame!”

Now to Harvard University. They’re taking heat after accepting nearly nine million dollars in stimulus money… and some of that heat’s coming from Donald Trump. He’s been tweeting that Harvard should give the money back. A spokesman for the university said that all of the funds would be going to financial assistance for students, but the debate is about whether a school with a FORTY BILLION dollar endowment, should be taking ANY assistance at all!

And Disney heiress Abigail Disney, is once again going after the company that bears her name. In a Twitter thread, she chewed out Walt Disney Corporation executives for paying themselves bonuses worth tens of millions of dollars and also paying dividends. This after the company furloughed a hundred thousand workers! And yes, I get it’s not a great time for theme parks, but as Abigail Disney pointed out Laura, CEO Bob Iger last year made NINE HUNDRED times what the median Disney worker made!

Yeah, the list of things we need to discuss as a society is growing every day… and wealth disparity is right up there! Thanks, Eila. We’ll see more of Eila in just a few. But first, we need to tell you about a new NAKED challenge that’s Trending, and sexing up the Internet! And who better to give you all the details then someone who looks PHENOMENAL naked, Tia LaRose! Here she is.

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