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I’m Eila Adams! Welcome to Naked News! I’m not saying it’s the most pressing problem right now… but this pandemic has many sexually active singles adjusting to a lot less action than they’re used to. Well, Netflix must have ANTICIPATED this was going to be happening, because they’ve got a new reality series that deals with just that. And EVERYONE is talking about it! Including Frankie Kennedy, who’s about to literally be talking about it, Inside the Box!

Too Hot to Handle is a reality show about beautiful people whose only purpose and interest in life is having sex… who are then told, they can’t! There’s a prize pot of a hundred thousand dollars, and every act of sexual touching causes money to be deducted. And in case you think you found a loophole, that includes self-gratification. So… think you’d struggle with that? Because they sure did!

Okay, I’m not going to pretend this series is high art or has anything important to say. It’s MOSTLY about really hot people from all around the world, showing a lot of skin and struggling with temptation. But there is actually a little bit of growth, as these hotties take workshops and learn to relate to each other in ways OTHER than sexually. Though, of course, it’s a work in progress.

Comedian Desiree Burch provides biting commentary throughout the series as the show’s narrator, but really, the humor comes from the incredible cast the producers assembled. I guarantee you won’t like everyone, but they’re ALL characters, and pretty entertaining. And I love that in an international group of hotties, the villain is CANADIAN! All eight episodes of Too Hot to Handle are now streaming on Netflix. I’m Frankie Kennedy, and that’s what’s happening, Inside the Box.

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