Qimmah Russo Sexy Thefappening Photos 034

New photos of the stunning fitness model Qimmah Russo Sexy none-nude, who is barely 25 years old, but she is already a professional personal trainer and has a delightful body. The girl is very popular and instagram has more than a million followers. Let’s tell a little about this young fitness phenomenon.

Qimmah Russo Biography
From basketball to weightlifting

Qimmah Russo was born and raised in New-York city, and inherited a love of sports from her family. She’s been an athlete all her life. She played in several sports and always maintained good health and fit body, so she could always compete at the highest level.

Although she was fond of different sports yet Qimmah’s favorite was basketball. She joined a professional basketball team while studying in College, where she demonstrated amazing performances.

End of basketball career

During her College studies, Qimmah studied sociology and kinesiology. She was a good student. Despite this, she decided not to pursue these subjects after graduation.

Qimmah Russo also eventually decided not to continue playing basketball, as she began to yearn for a new competitive outlet. After College, she decided to try something completely new – and it turned out to be weightlifting.

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