Rk Prime With Stacy Bloom In Plaster Fuck

Stacy Bloom’s boyfriend surprises his picky princess with their new rental. It’s hardly what she expected: The apartment is basically a construction site and Stacy is not eager to finish the renovations herself. Unfortunately, given the condition, Stacy’s overambitious boyfriend worked out a great deal on rent with the landlord. The precious Stacy reluctantly agrees to help plaster the walls and gets to work. When her boyfriend heads out to the store, Stacy can’t help but feel eyes on her petite body and realizes that she’s being watched through the holes in the wall. Turned on, Stacy puts on a show for her voyeur, Kristof Cale, until he can’t help but slide his dick through the peeping hole. He fucks her through a glory hole until Stacy’s boyfriend catches them in the act. Enraged, he takes a sledgehammer to the wall before storming off. Lucky Kristof climbs through the hole to finish what he started: fucking Stacy’s pussy like there’s no tomorrow.

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