Sophie Dee In Shooting Stars Playboy Plus (22)

Please celebrate with us as we reach the end of June with Sophie Dee’s final All Star gallery and video from Ashlee Krutzfeldt. Sophie spends a luxurious evening dressed in jewels with a bottle of champagne as the camera snaps away. “It’s been amazing,” says Sophie of her experience on set. Though she admits she can be pretty shy in the shooting process, the reward is always worth it in the end. “I enjoy [posing nude]. I am always excited when I see the outcome.” For Sophie, it’s times like this where she can step into her confidence. “When do I feel the sexiest? Sometimes when I have no makeup [on], and you can see my freckles, or sometimes right after getting glammed for a shoot,” she says. “[They] are opposites, but both sides work well for me.” Usually traveling, Sophie loves the flexibility of her work the most. “What I love most about my job is that I can typically work from anywhere,” she says of her content creation. “[Also], all the interesting people I meet.” It’s those people that make a significant impact on Sophie as well. “Always treat people with respect no matter who they are or what their background is,” she shares. “‘Be nice to people on your way up; you will meet them on your way down,’” she adds, sharing one of her favorite quotes. Make sure to check out all of Sophie’s iconic pictorials as your June 2021 All Star, right here on Playboy Plus.

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