Steph In Close Quarters Playboy Plus (18)

Steph returns to Playboy Plus with this stunning pictorial shot by the photographer, Sophia Sinclair. On a weekend getaway, Steph spends the afternoon lounging around while reading vintage Playboy magazines. “I’m pretty chill,” says Steph of herself. “I have a good heart and good intentions — that’s my favorite thing about [myself].” Though she comes off as totally calm, cool, and collected, Steph let us in on a secret. “I have some gnarly stage fright,” she laughs. “My special talent? Definitely acting like I know what I’m doing.” While we think her modest, Steph moves about the cabin as we continue to get to know her a bit better. “I’m obsessed with true crime and conspiracy theory podcasts, documentaries, [and] Reddit threads,” she says of one of her guilty pleasures, “I’m not sure why it gives me such a rush!” When she’s not deep-diving on the internet, she keeps it low-key. “I like hanging out with my animals, rewatching my favorite TV shows, and having a cold beer.” Make sure to check out all of Steph’s pictorials right here on Playboy Plus.

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