Taboo Fantasy With Melanie Hicks In The Melanie Hicks Family Album Full 1 4 Parts

Melanie finds herself in dire !! She and hubby have an evening of wild sex planned…and to “enhance” the evening’s festivities…Melanie has taken some Female Viagra. As she lies in bed…naked…waiting for hubby to arrive….she gets a bad news phone call. Hubby is stuck working late…working all night!! Melanie is horny as fuck….doped up on the pink pill….and nobody to fuck!! That is….until her Stepson Conor arrives!! Melanie explains her “situation” to the teenage boy…and asks for his assistance in alleviating her predicament. Before Conor can even comprehend what is being asked of him…Melanie jumps at him, and rips his pants off…and starts sucking his cock!!! Melanie is totally wild and out of control as she devours the teen boy’s cock. Melanie begs Conor to fuck her hard….and….she gets what she asked for!!! Conor pumps his hot Stepmom hard….while she gets out all of her sexual frustration!! Conor deposits his teenage sperm into his eagerly waiting Stepmom’s mouth. Melanie licks her lips…and thanks the youngster for his service!

Conor is just getting used to the fact that his new Stepmom is a Porn Actress. His friends at school tease him mercilessly about it….but he is growing to be used to it. Today, however, he is going to get a new experience he won’t soon forget. Melanie is studying a script for a shoot she has the next day….and she asks Conor for some help. Melanie explains the script is pretty straight forward….blowjob….2/3 sex positions…..hard sex…..ending with a creampie. Melanie, however tells her Stepson that there is one element of the script she could use some practice with. Apparently, Melanie has to do some facesitting in the scene tomorrow…and she’s not too experienced with that activity. She asks Conor if she could practice on him. Conor agrees to help out….so Melanie asks him to lie on the floor, while she sits down on his face. Conor licks his hot Stepmom’s pussy and asshole while she sits right down on his young face. Melanie then figures maybe they should just run through the whole scene!! Conor fucks his well endowed Stepmother hard. REALLY HARD!! Melanie takes it all…and, as per the pending script….takes the teen boy’s load inside her, as a messy creampie!! It’s nice when Family can help each other.

The water bills have been sky high in Melanie’s house….so the Family has decided they must start Showering together to conserve water. Melanie is already in the Shower, and soaped up, when her Stepson Conor bangs on the door, asking how long she is going to be. Melanie tells him to go ahead and come in….and she explains the situation to him. Conor is hesitant…but nonetheless…takes his clothes off, and gets in the shower with his buxom Stepmom. They take turns doing each other’s backs…and when Melanie soaps up Conor’s penis….the awkward teenager gets a massive erection!! Melanie decides to take matters into her own “mouth” lol…and begins sucking the youngster’s cock. Before long….Melanie finds herself bent over….and being fucked hard while the water cascades over their naked bodies!! After a good, long, hard fucking, Melanie makes her teenage Stepson ejaculate all over her face!! Hopefully this helps with the water bill….

Melanie learns that her arch rival “Louise” is a favorite to win Stepmom Of The Year….because she bought her Stepson a new car for his graduation. Not wanting to be outdone….by Louise of all people…Melanie wants to come up with something that will make her the front runner. Melanie approaches her teenage Stepson, Conor….and shares her dilemma with him. After a brief talk…Melanie gets a great idea!! She figures if she lets her Stepson fuck her…..NOBODY will be able to top that!! Melanie asks Conor if he would be ok with screwing her…while she films it….to show Louise…and the voting committee what an amazing Stepmom she is. Conor agrees to go along with the plan….and he screws his large breasted Stepmom hard!! Melanie even swallows his cum….while filing it….and taunting Louise!!!

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