Taya Vais In Soul Searching Playboy Plus (10)

Taya Vais returns to Playboy Plus for the first time since her debut in 2018. Now, the Russian model explores the seaside of Spain with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. “I’m an introvert,” says Taya of her personality as she begins to pose for the camera. “In my ordinary life, I’m quite c onservative and have a [small] circle of close people.” Taya then went on to tell us what is most important in her world. “My priority is family,” she shares thoughtfully. “I do charity work, and I’m a very creative person. I draw, sew, sculpt, and photograph. I also love to travel and often do it alone.” But the thing she loves most of all? Horses. “My passion? I love to ride horses,” she smiles. “This is when I [can be] alone with nature.” As for her work, Taya finds beauty in posing nude. “If I trust the photographer, then the shooting process turns into a dance,” shares Taya. “[Posing nude] is a way to express femininity, love, and strength at the same time. I’m glad if someone becomes a little happier [from looking at my photos].” Stay tuned for more from Taya Vais, right here on Playboy Plus!

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