Tia In Awakened Desires Playboy Plus (1)

Spend the afternoon inside, getting to know our latest newcomer, Tia. Dressed in blue lace lingerie, Tia makes quite the debut as the photographer Henrik Pfeifer captures her. “I would describe myself as a very open, fun-loving, cheerful, and humorous person,” says Tia of her personality. “I l ove to laugh and make other people laugh too.” Self-assured, Tia wasn’t always the woman before you. “I used to be very shy,” she admits while moving from pose to pose. “Through modeling, I have become a tough, strong, and confident woman who knows exactly what she wants in life. It has made me the person I am today.” Tia can be found a little like this when she’s not working — spending intentional time at home or somewhere low-key. “I totally love spending my free time in nice, cozy cafes,” she says. “If you ask me if I prefer relaxed movie nights or party nights, I would go for the movie night — popcorn and nachos, and I’m happy!” Stick around and get to know Tia even better, right here on Playboy Plus.

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